Innovative Investing

I assist clients with a step by step guide in setting up their cryptocurrency investment journey. My methods have been tried and tested as I have gone through the process of setting up my own Cryptocurrency investments. I’m here to help anyone that wants to start investing in Cryptocurrency.

I share my knowledge & insights via Live Zoom calls for those that want to leverage the convenience of remote interaction, or we could have the discussion over a cup of coffee at a venue of your choice.

I charge R200 for a 2 hour session, where I share my insights & knowledge. You as the client will get a tried and tested, step by step guide on how to setup your safe & secure Crypto Investment.

To top it all off, I refer you to Marius Landman of the Tonoit team. They do cryptocurrency trend forecast & analysis. His team provides valuable info with regard to Cryptocurrencies high & low points, so that you can make informed decisions where to buy & sell.

  • A step by step guide to the setup of your cryptocurrency investment.

    200 South African rand

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Please note

I am a full time Product manager at a medical device company in South Africa. I have started this business on a part time basis. My goal is to share what I have learnt, in setting up my Cryptocurrency investment, with anyone who is interested in the Cryptocurrency space. I am therefore only involved in the setting up of your Cryptocurrency journey.

I am not a financial adviser, therefore I do not give any financial advice. I purely show you what I do, to help you stay away from pitfalls I ran into during my initial phase in the Cryptocurrency investment space.